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Our concession stands provide the greatest financial support for Hewitt-Trussville's band programs.

We open concessions for all Middle School, 9th/JV, and Varsity Football Games.  We also open for many outdoor track events in the spring.

Use our Sign-Up Genius link to volunteer in one of our three beautiful concession stands in our stadium on Husky Parkway. Responsibilities include taking orders, preparing food, and helping to clean up when the event is over. 

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Drum-a-Thon: Indoor Percussion

The 3rd Annual HTIP Drum-a-Thon will be held Friday, January 12, 2024. Drum-a-Thon is an all-night, lock-instyle rehearsal marathon, similar to the Rock-a-Thon. The students will rehearse from 8pm until 8am the next morning. Pledges can be made per hour drummed (12 hours) or a flat donation. This pledge sheet must be turned in at the start of the Drum-a-Thon and students will receive a copy to collect donations. Donations are due by Friday, January 26th. 

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