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Trussville Marching Invitational 

Please sign up to volunteer at the Trussville Marching Invitational. We will need over 400 volunteers to make this event a success! This means that we REALLY need at least one parent from every band family to help. The competition is Oct. 6th. There are four shift options. All day, Day shift, afternoon shift and evening shift. Until we know how many bands will be attending, the times listed in Sign up genius are tentative. We will confirm shift times one week before the competition.


High School students will be signing up at school, please do not sign them up here. Middle School students can sign up under Middle school Helper. If you are a middle school parent, please consider taking an afternoon shift, so that high school parents can watch their kids during the exhibition. If you want to work the same area you did last year, have been contacted by a team leader to work a specific area or are familiar with working the grill in the concession stand, please put that in the comments section.

Volunteer Instructions

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before you are scheduled to work.  You will come to the Volunteer Check in area which is where the band changes at the stadium.  If you are in the parking lot looking at the stadium, it is on the right side behind the concession stand.  You will be given a t-shirt to change into, and you can leave the clothes you were wearing in the changing room.  At the end of your shift, you will need to come back to the volunteer station, check out and return the tshirt. 

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